Accupack Industries


Accupack is a fast emerging business group offering Engineering solutions for pharmaceutical industries around the world. They are Asia's largest format part manufacturers. They wanted to develop a website which would increase their sales and the client outreach.

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The challenge

  • Increase overall site visibility
  • Design an easily accessible website with a great user interface.

My role


Conducted interviews with current and propective clients of the company. This gave us an insight as to why they would visit the website and what are some of their requirements. Based on the clients and users requirements we sketched a few layouts and moved on to create the sitemap.


The sitemap helped us visulize the information architecture of the website. The menu items were designed as per the results of the card sorts.


Wireframes were designed based on the initial sketches. Once the designs were finalised by the client, we created prototypes which were tested for usability and navigational flow. The feedback from these tests resulted in a few changes to the designs.


  • Collaborated with a team of developers in the early stages of development to meet the client requirements.
  • Conducted usability studies in order to improve current features and incorporate new ones.
  • Designing, planning, and carrying out moderated and/or remote user research to meet specific needs and answer questions on a deadline.
  • Added and designed an inquiry form page which increased their inquiries by 38%.
  • Designed the user experience/interactions and visual design to provide a better and pleasing experience.
  • Deliverables included sketches, wireframes, HI-FI prototypes, sitemaps.

The Final Product

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